Writing Services

You have a story to tell about your service, your process, your ideas or your business.

But you may be unclear on how to present your message—or even what your message is.

We have a staff of experts who can make your message clear and confident.

We can write your book for you.

Your ideas plus your expertise plus our expertise in drawing out your best and optimizing it for the printed page equals Your Book.

Many successful business women and men use writing services for their bestselling books, and there are several great reasons why you might want to do the same.

You may not be a writer.

You may not have the time to devote to writing.

You may have a partial manuscript, but have stalled out.

You be too pressed on other businesses to finish the business of your book.

You may not be equipped to write, edit and revise.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, you may need a ghostwriter.

We can help.

Our Writing package is designed to help you do what you need—get your book written, edited, and finished—in the most efficient, strategic manner possible, to ensure your book helps you achieve:

• a more profitable business,

• a more impactful cause or movement, or

• a larger, more-powerful platform for your ideas.

We go further than that, if you wish. We introduce readers to you, your brand, your book, and your message so when they check you out online, they’re impressed, assured, and excited to take the next step in engaging with you. We build simple-seeming websites on top of a powerful and sophisticated knowledge of buyers so that your book becomes irresistible to a reader. We plan content in a variety of highly-sequenced forms so that as a result people can choose where, when, and how to engage with you. Discover our Book Marketing Services<link to Book Marketing>.

Let us help you turn your book into a vehicle for your dreams professional and personal.

Contact us about writing your book today.


It's possibly the only opportunity you have to see your book on a "Best Seller"list. The truth is, most traditional publishers see too much risk in committing their resources to marketing a new author.

Self-publishing is an option but does not meet the distribution requirements for best seller status.

Co-publishing combined with a proven marketing system is the easiest way to get where you want to be.

Best Seller

March 14, 2018 - Gwen Rich's latest book is a heroic survival story that details the system for creating your own Legacy-on-the-Go has made the #2 slot on the Wall Street Journal's best seller list in eBooks.

Cranberry Press is excited each time one of our authors makes a best seller list.

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