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Most non-fiction publishers think their responsibility ends with distribution — push copies of your book out to online and brick and mortar stores. Actually promoting your book? Unless you’re an A-list fiction author, they’ll leave all the promotion and publicizing up to you, the author.

Cranberry Press is different.

We ONLY do non-fiction. And while we also have a world-class distribution network, we also have a proven roster of all-star publicists and book marketers that we dedicate to every book we publish. Our goal is to make your book a best seller — and to bring you more leads and business opportunities because of your books success. And that’s a commitment you won’t get from any other publisher.

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We Understand The Business Goals Behind Your Book - Goals That Include But Go Beyond Best-seller Status & Success. We have the promotional experience and relationships to ensure you achieve those goals.

We understand the business goals behind your book - Goals that include but go beyond best-seller status & success. We have the promotional experience and relationships to ensure you achieve those goals.

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When it comes to publishing, there are a lot of different models and no shortage of options. Most of them have strengths and all have downsides. We’ve got a best-of-all-worlds solution for non-fiction authors

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We work with authors that already have an established reputation and platform, who are looking to take themselves to the next level with their book. If that’s you, click to see why we’re probably a perfect fit.

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Because Cranberry Press dedicates significant resources to ensure each book we publish gets properly promoted and publicized, we only work with a few select authors each year. On the other hand, each author achieves both their book AND their business goals, while their best-selling status means you likely have heard or seen our books before, even though we are a relatively “small” publisher. But don’t take our word for it — browse out titles for yourself:

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Take some time to check out our previously published books. Because we are so selective about the authors and the books we publish you will find our titles are all highly relevant

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Explore our current titles and authors that are currently making a splash with books and content. Could you be next?

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