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Everything we do is about your success as an author. We accomplish this success by partnering with world-class distribution and proven publicists and marketers. Our track record is phenomenal.

You see, we started out in marketing. During our quarter-century journey through marketing, we've helped nearly a hundred authors achieve their goals and become best sellers. The publisher most of our best selling authors were using could only support 1-2 authors a year. With his help, blessing, and contacts we set up Cranberry Press.

We form an important bridge in the logistics and relationship management that will help you reach your goal.


It's possibly the only opportunity you have to see your book on a "Best Seller"list. The truth is, most traditional publishers see too much risk in committing their resources to marketing a new author.

Self-publishing is an option but does not meet the distribution requirements for best seller status.

Co-publishing combined with a proven marketing system is the easiest way to get where you want to be.

Best Seller

Stop Complaining Make Your Own Luck

March 14, 2018 - Gwen Rich's latest book is a heroic survival story that details the system for creating your own Legacy-on-the-Go has made the #2 slot on the Wall Street Journal's best seller list in eBooks.

Cranberry Press is excited each time one of our authors makes a best seller list.

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