The Co-publishing Company for Best Selling Books

Instead of traditional or self-publishing, co-publishing with Cranberry Press represents a better option for most executives and entrepreneurs.

Want access to a world-class book distribution network, while retaining control and copyright ownership over your book?

Looking for a publisher who’ll give your book the polishing, packaging, and promotion usually reserved for A-List authors?

Then Cranberry Press is for you. Our goal is to make your book a best seller — and to bring you more leads and business opportunities because of your book's success.

The Cranberry Press Difference

We Understand The Business Goals Behind Your Book - Goals That Include But Go Beyond Best-seller Status & Success. We have the promotional experience and relationships to ensure you achieve those goals.

Our authors have goals that go beyond “Best Seller” status — business goals made possible because of their books’ success.

And the best way to achieve them is to integrate those business efforts into your book’s publishing and promotional strategies. And no one is better at that than Cranberry Press

Biz Benefits of a Best Seller

When it comes to publishing, there are a lot of different models and no shortage of options, each with strengths and weaknesses.

We believe we’ve got a best-of-all-worlds solution for non-fiction authors. Compare for yourself and see!

Compare Your Options

We publish between 8 to 12 books per year. So we’re choosy about our authors — just as every serious author ought to be equally choosy about their publisher, agent, publicist, etc.

But in addition to publishing, we also offer ghostwriting, editing, and packaging services, for those non-fiction authors who need help getting their book onto the page.

See how we work with authors and whether we’d make a good fit for you.

Working With Us