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In addition to publishing services, Marshall Goldsmith publishing offer a suite of marketing services that will help you maximize your book sales and the business benefits of becoming a bestselling author.

These services include:

  • Platform in a Box
  • Audience Engagement
  • Marketing Bites
  • Reverse Opt-In
  • Persona Architected Website

Learn more about each below.

Platform in a Box. Platform-in-a-Box will help you rapidly build relevant content to excite your prospects. It uses a proprietary process to simultaneously and painlessly produce not only a book, but videos, audios, and blog posts that all work together to help disseminate your ideas out far and wide. The package includes 64 videos, 64 audios, 64 blog posts, and a book-length manuscript that will position someone as a prominent thought leader or entrepreneur.

It's for coaches who realize the necessity of a multi-pronged marketing campaign for their ideas in order to get those ideas heard and build their business.

Audience Engagement. Persuading readers that your book is worth reading is the author's job. Publishers no longer have the resources to do this for every author. Our team acts as your promotion and marketing team assist you engage with your readers. We this buy designing your platform, and expanding your reach through an unified system of marketing

Marketing Bites. This service provide you with maximum leverage for the intellectual property you have already created, including a complete editorial strategy, an execution of that strategy that includes: blogs posts, white papers, social media comments, and shares needed to attract a bigger audience. We take your manuscript or book and transform it into an entire year’s worth of expertly produced search engine-friendly blog posts and social media comments. We also provide the landing pages on the front end and analytics on the back end to monitor the success of these "bites."

Your editorial calendar includes all the content for a year’s worth of blogs, at the rate of two posts per week, plus all the social media postings required to publish your content over the most popular networking and link-sharing platforms on the web. Plus, you’ll get the landing pages you need to drive these bites to your products, and the analytics that show you exactly how much progress you’re making.

Reverse Opt-In. A reverse opt-in campaign helps you bring readers and potential customers closer to working with you and buying your products. It is ideal if you need highly qualified leads that are already interested in your services. A reverse opt-in is an online quiz developed according the Myers-Briggs principles that piques the interest of prospects with the highest potential of becoming customers, motivates them to reveal information about themselves that you can use to customize your message to them and prepares them for the next step in the sales process.

A reverse opt-in allows you to determine, with greater certainty, who your prospective customers are and engage them in a way that speaks more directly and intimately to them.

Persona-Architected Website. We use established personality typing to determine the buying and communication preferences of your prospects. Then we create personas, which are detailed descriptions and represent all your audience segments and their personalities (detail-oriented, competitive, free-spirited, process-minded). This enables us to speak to a broad audience on a personal level. We architect and design a website that has these individuals in mind. Your website needs the right content and messaging that will convince prospective readers and customers to give you a try—and to then take the next step to engage with more of your content.

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It's possibly the only opportunity you have to see your book on a "Best Seller"list. The truth is, most traditional publishers see too much risk in committing their resources to marketing a new author.

Self-publishing is an option but does not meet the distribution requirements for best seller status.

Co-publishing combined with a proven marketing system is the easiest way to get where you want to be.

Best Seller

March 14, 2018 - Gwen Rich's latest book is a heroic survival story that details the system for creating your own Legacy-on-the-Go has made the #2 slot on the Wall Street Journal's best seller list in eBooks.

Cranberry Press is excited each time one of our authors makes a best seller list.

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