The Co-publishing Company for Best Selling Books

The mission of Cranberry Press is to make every book we publish worthy of critical acclaim and reader affection and to give every author we publish a national stage to spread his or her message. Cranberry Press has one of the strongest bestseller records in the United States' publishing industry: Starting with the runaway hit, Pendulum How Past Generation Shape our Present and Predict Our Future, to Wall Street Journal best selling branding s book of all time, Your Logo is Irrelevant, to acclaimed bestseller, Stop Complaining- Make Your Own Luck, Cranberry Press continually redefines the creative and intellectual potential of its books.

Cranberry Press Only Publishes Best-Sellers

There are two primary reasons Cranberry Press books consistently reach bestseller lists, win national book awards, and sell for longer than titles published by the larger New York houses:

  1. We publish only a few books a year (usually 5 to 10) and spend a great deal of time working with each author on his or her book. We pour our resources into producing unique quality, negotiating extraordinary retail placements, and designing and marketing our books in smart ways that position our titles for big sales, and supporting our sales force with promotions and incentives to keep our books selling for years after publication

  2. We serve a different master. Though most major publishers position themselves to cater to the changing demands of retailers, Cranberry Press is engineered to serve our authors. Rather than simply selling inventory to retailers for one-dimensional profits, we use our distribution clout and sales history to further the careers of our authors and create multi-dimensional sales: We secure lots of highly visible shelf space at the national chain and airport bookstores, build follow-up sales and promotions based on early success, and continue with backlist sales for longevity and more powerful clout.

David A. McInnis


David McInnis pioneered "News Marketing" as a content marketing discipline. As creator and Founder of PRWeb David McInnis revolutionized online news and press release distribution, establishing best practices that have yet to be superseded. His efforts helped to spawn, not only have tens of thousands of businesses but, entire industries. He has lent a powerful voice and his expertise to the content marketing and digital advertising industries to establish new strategies for improving online engagement. Mr. McInnis has won recognition for his efforts to streamline rapid manufacturing.

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